Detailed florals stretch out in moonlit tendrils on the pale mint canvas of ‘Cora’ with hints of faded rose gleaming out in perfect harmony. The shirt features a centre panel in a shade that is lighter creating an almost heavenly gradient composition. The sumptuous shawl features delicate motifs on pallus and a lush embroidered border, creating an ethereally elegant ensemble that will be your first choice for any and all winter soirees.

Cora – 3pc Unstitched

Digital Printed + Embroidered Front Center Panel (Slub Khaddar) 1 Pc
Digital Printed + Embroidered Front Left Panel (Slub Khaddar) 1 Pc
Digital Printed + Embroidered Front Right Panel (Slub Khaddar) 1 Pc
Digital Printed Back (Slub Khaddar) 1 Pc
Embroidered Sleeves Left + Right (Slub Khaddar) 1 Pair
Embroidered Sleeves Border 1 (Satin) 1 Meter
Embroidered Sleeves Border 2 (Satin) 1 Meter
Embroidered Sleeves Border 3 (Satin) 1 Meter
Embroidered Front Hem Border (Poly Satin) 1 Meter
Embroidered Front + Back Hem Border (Poly Satin) 2 Meters
Dyed Shawl (Viscose Karandi) 1.65 Meters
Embroidered Shawl Left + Right Pallu 1 (Viscose Karandi) 1 Pair
Embroidered Shawl Left + Right Pallu 2 (Viscose Karandi) 1 Pair
Embroidered Shawl 4 Side Patti (Viscose Karandi) 7.5 Meters
Embroidered Shawl Pallu Patti (Viscose Karandi) 2 Meters
Dyed Trouser (Slub Khaddar) 2.5 Meters

House Of Aqsa offer a renowned industry-leading high-quality stitching service.
All of our dresses are stitched as per the style shown in the images. Each dress purchased will include the following:

Shirt/Kameez stitched as per image – (Lining is provided with all transparent shirts)
Bottoms stitched as per image
*Sleeves styled as per image (sleeveless suits will be provided with stitched separate sleeves)
*Dupatta will be stitched and accessorised as per image
*Separate undershirt included (if shown)
Product embellishments*
*Style of embellishments may vary – embellishments quantity will be as image.

Please note: From time to time certain elements are shown by brands for photography purposes only and these items are not provided by the designers in the end retail product – as such there can be a possibility of a variation to the cut, length, and style and dress embellishments


Please note: ALL fancy designer outfits will come with special packing but without boxes because of high dimension delivery charges.If u prefer with box extra charges for that.The majority of our items are hand embroidered/embellished and therefore delicate and breakable in their usage while having a 5%-10% variation possibility. By placing an order on our website, you accept the possibility of variation in comparison to the images provided on this website. Every effort is made to ensure variation is minimal.

The colour of a product may change/differ (a) little from what is shown on our website. This can be due to light variation at the time of photography and/or due to the way digital media devices display colours.

From time to time beading/ sequences may get displaced and this is not thought of as a fault but is due to the nature of the work. These articles of clothing should be worn with care.

Please note that all clothing products sold on this website are recommended to be dry-cleaned.

We will not be responsible for any claims resulting due to damage caused by washing, using another method than advised or claims for variation and or beading/sequences displacement