You Want Buy Pakistani Designer Dresses in 2021

We are living in a modern era of fashion. People are fully aware of  Pakistani designer dresses and the fashion industry. When we explore the market, then we come to know there are many optimum and leading brands of designer clothes are available. They can deliver your orders to your doorstep.

You have to pay the delivery charges. These brands bring new offers and stylish ideas in the design market to serve their customers at their best level. Furthermore, they are utilizing the best fashion trends and stitching styles. All women wish to have the best shopping experience.

People prefer some popular brands of Pakistani designer dresses for their celebrations and other occasions. The well-establish and popular collection has a unique fusion of contemporary and traditional looks. In addition to this, they have their websites that have updates and promotions of their new arrivals.

Pakistani Designer Dresses and their Brands

Pakistani Designer Dresses

The growth rate of the fashion industry of Pakistan in recent years becomes increase. It makes progress day by day without any doubt. When we talk about quality, values, origination, name, followers several brands come in this list. All of them are working hard and their efforts are in front of us. Apart from this their Pakistani designer dresses represent the culture of Sindh, Punjab, Kashmir, Balouchistan.

It should be noted that their designer dresses represent the overall culture, traditions, and norms of our beloved country Pakistan. Mostly, their expert designers work on women’s dresses because Pakistani women like to wear different dresses on different occasions.

On the other hand, they are also paying attention to items for men’s wear and make them fantastic and elegant. The following brands are super popular for their stylish Pakistani designer dress collections.

Cross Stitch

The name shows that their designer dresses contain embroidered fabric with the best stitching styles. Indeed, they are the best stitchers for fancy and stylish dresses. They are providing party dresses for girls and women of all ages. Moreover, their dresses can stand out from the crowd because of their looks and embroidery.

You can check their new collection with unique stitching styles on their website. It’s easy to place orders directly from the website and pay for shipping charges. You can subscribe to their social media account for discounts and more offers.

All dresses and tops are beautiful and attractive in color and style are available in the shop. Indeed, their products are the best choice for any occasion. Due to their hard-working, cross stitch is on the list of famous Pakistani designer dresses.

Deepak Perwani

Another Pakistan’s best designer is Deepak Perwani. Which is known for its stylish women’s designer dresses and their accessories. Especially, their bridal wear, party outfits, and evening gown are very popular among people. They specialize in outfits for weddings. Alongside fashion, Perwani has a great career as a Cultural Ambassador of the country to Malaysia and China.

Deepak Perwanni brings innovations in the details of the men’s wear also in a confident style. Moreover, price and print all are according to your choice and wish. Indeed, when you visit their shop you become happy.

Bridal Dresses

The category of wedding dresses includes all types of fabrics like georgette, silk, Resham with all types of styling for bridals. The styles for bridal dresses include Lehengas, Sharara, sequins, long shirt with an attractive neckline. The embroidery includes pearls, Dabka, motifs of top standard.

His designs won many awards for their excellence and attractiveness. The bridal wear and tastefully body-conscious silhouettes are of a high standard. In addition to the bridal wear, they have fantastic suits for parties within the best deals. You can send a message to their shop or their mailbox. Your order will remain in privacy.

Guinness World Record and Other Style Awards

He won several prizes and also made a Guinness World Record for the largest Kurta. According to the measurements, a 175-foot tall person can easily fit in that Kurta without any doubt. The 800 yards of cotton fabric was used to complete that Kurta.

they made several dresses for poor children of the Edhi foundation. They upload their latest Pakistani designer dresses on their website. You can purchase anything from their wedding dresses online, and they will deliver it to your doorstep. But the shipping charges applied.

There is a chance of asking any question or sending an email to them also. We hope that you will shop their Sharara collection with attractive sleeves and colors. The way they represent their dresses in the shop is nothing but elegance.


A well-known and famous designer from Pakistan is Hassan Sheheryar Yasin. He is known through his brand name H.S.Y which is in affiliation with Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne. He is one of the best designers in Pakistan as well as a Choreographer. Every piece of his outfit is a masterpiece of style and design, especially his bridal collection with a gorgeous look. Their elegant silk attire is perfect for a Walima look.

But the elegant look of their formal suits is also fantastic and attractive. The sign of this brand is styled with grace. HSY’s sign is in Pakistan’s traditions and retains Eastern elements in their clothes’ designs that will come in translation globally even in the UK. You can shop the best Pakistani designer dresses from this brand.

Online Purchase

Online purchases can save your time shopping in the market. Undoubtedly, you can get any piece of your choice without any problem. The shipping charges will be there to pay. The amount is also written in PKR. You can find their shop everywhere in all the best cities.

The online shop is also available to save your time and effort. There you can find many discount offers and a sale menu. You can subscribe to their social media account and websites for all the latest newsletter and sale updates. Sometimes online websites have an issue with cookies in Pakistan.

Moreover, some offers include free shipping all around the country. Some WhatsApp groups are also there to provide sale service of these products. Each product has pictures and price. You can order on WhatsApp and get your product at your home, but you have to pay shipping charges.


Another addition to the best Pakistan designer list is the name of Nishat. The Nishat is not only the sign of one brand. It is a well-trusted brand among women of all ages. In every season all of them wait for its attractive collection of the new arrival. Their all products are superior in print and designs.

It is famous for lawn prints and floral shirts with an attractive printed neckline. Their designs can fulfill the dream of someone to look gorgeous. The floral design category is outstanding and fantastic.

In every season whether it is winter or summer, Nishat is the first choice of every woman. Nothing is better than Nishat’s collection. Their lawn suits fulfill your all fashion needs. The suits are perfect for parties. Additionally, they remain conscious about all minor clothing details.

Well-Maintained Website

Along with the style, they also have a well-maintained website for their customers. If someone wants to purchase directly from their website, she can find all items or even an attractive shirt there. The menu has all the collections for the latest Pakistani dresses with their prices in USD. Subscribe to the website to buy your favorite item from their

online store. For deals and offers, subscribe to Instagram also. There is a facility to send an email and ask any question through this email without hesitation. Your privacy is well-maintained, and the menu of the website is also understandable. But we have to select the best password for us.

You can get clothes on sale at a good price. The website uses cookies for your best user experience. The price of ESC things is also under your budget.

Maria B

Maria B, another marvelous addition to the list of Pakistani designer dresses for women. All dresses of Maria B are famous among Pakistani females. It has something gorgeous for us. Undoubtedly, their embroidered shirt, formal clothes, cotton shirt, and linen dress with a fabulous look. Their ready-to-wear category is also famous. Each piece which we shop is full of elegance.

The fashion industry, business tycoons focuses on middle-class families’ wishes. Similarly, Maria B’s collection is also focused on the traditional trend and demands of those people. Now her Swarovski’s crystal collection with chiffon and lawn is available in her store or shop to order. All Pakistani designer georgette, silk dresses with attractive embroidery are available for us. We can shop sale items for us.

Online Stores

All the latest Pakistani designer dresses are available in the online Maria B store. In addition to the online store, their other stores are present all over Pakistan. All Pakistani designer dresses are available in the online Maria B store. You can shop online or physically as per your need. The more we explore, the more we shop for us. We can subscribe to get the email or send any message about the latest Pakistani clothes arrivals.

We can order a shirt or full dress in any color for us even through email. You can also shop for more sale products. We can send about the sale in their shop reviews through email. The shipping charges depend on our orders. Her Instagram contains many offers and deals for us. They are also providing a translation of the ESC item’s details.

Gul Ahmed

Indeed, it is a name of antiquated and trailblazer Pakistani women’s suits. Under this category, all stitched, ready-to-wear, or unstitched dresses for females are available. We can search It’s a sign of excellence and glamor. Every piece of the shirt is a sign of textile art. It’s a well famous brand and finds we can find it on google easily. We can get nothing except excellent material from this brand for us at a good price.

When we subscribe to their social media account, then we can message or get an email for new arrivals and free shipping. Undoubtedly, from all around the world they are getting likes through google even more from the USA. The translation of the things is also available. The need for this translation is for foreign clients.


Designer Dresses & Clothes from House of Faiza provides the latest Pakistani designer dresses. Most of their dresses have details associated with different cultures of Pakistan. If you order your ESC dresses through email and shop online, they will give you free shipping.

But you sign in there and select a good password and email, then you can order more products from sale. They have ready-to-wear dresses. You can shop everything in PKR ₨ SGD $ USD $ American Express, Apple Pay diners club,  Discover Elo Google Pay JCB Mastercard, and through Paypal. We can get sale dresses at a very handsome price without any issue and enjoy free shipping also.


These clothing brands for females a unique combination of traditional and stylish looks. They have all designs for everyone have their taste. Furthermore, all Pakistani designer dresses from simple gown to bridal wear and ESC to ready-to-wear are also available with free shipping. All clients can get details with translation. In contrast to the dresses, full of glamour there are dresses with traditional style and patterns with different prices.

The payment is American Express, Diners Club, ESC, and Mastercard or Visa card. All popular designers bring fantastic innovation in all fields of tradition and design. Some of them have free shipping facilities. We can search them through google. We can get benefits from ESC,  and shop glamourous sale dresses.

House of AQSA

The House of Aqsa is based in Manchester, UK. House Of Aqsa is a family-run business that was founded in 2018. We pride ourselves on providing the most inspiring Pakistani fashion to worldwide markets. Our website aims to provide you with all the best designer clothes in one place to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. We are working with wholesalers and designer's boutiques in Pakistan to ensure we bring you the latest fashion trends. All designer collections are 100% original, with over 30,000 outfits made to order and available in both stitched and unstitched versions. HOA's highly dedicated team is always available to help and assist you.

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